Friday mini-post – get into the groove!

Are you struggling to make changes to your life?  The ride may be bumpy at first…

When you do any familiar action, your brain is happily trundling along well-worn grooves; a bit like a tractor taking the same path across a muddy field every day, every time deepening the ruts in the ground and making a comfortable, smooth path for itself.  Easy.  No thinking required. But what if the tractor driver decides to take a different path?  Imagine the bumping and jarring  as the tractor slips and slides and strains to make a new path in the muddy, stony ground.  It takes all the driver’s skill and concentration to keep to the new path.  But over time, if the driver takes that same route every day, imagine how the tractor will gradually make deeper and deeper ruts across the field, to the new destination, until it’s as easy as the former route.  And the old ruts?  No longer used, they will disappear over time.   It’s the same with your brain.  The more you do the new things that take you to your new way of life, the more the brain will see them as comfortable and easy.

Where will you take your tractor tomorrow?

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